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Big Ben Booklet
Big Ben Poster
Bell Making Poster
Illustrated London News
Happy Birthday Big Ben DVD

"Happy Birthday, Big Ben!" Booklet
Designed and illustrated by children at St. George's Primary School in Camberwell, London, this booklet tells about Big Ben's history.

"Big Ben Facts & Figures" Poster
Designed by Guy Fox, this colourful poster includes lots of facts about Big Ben, the Great Clock and the Clock Tower.

"How to Make a Bell" Poster
Designed by Guy Fox, this poster depicts the step-by-step process of moulding and making a bell.

The Illustrated London News:
"The Story of Big Ben"
Designed by Guy Fox using illustrations and text from contemporary newspapers, this publication tells Big Ben's story as it was reported by the Illustrated London News.

Big Ben DVD
This DVD includes two videos: "How to Make a Bell" and "A Visit to the Clock Tower."

Teachers Kits for Primary School (Key Stage 2)
We have a limited quantity of "Happy Birthday, Big Ben!" Teachers Kits, available FREE of charge for UK teachers on a first-come, first-served basis. The Teachers Kit includes all of the above resources, plus:

1843 Map of London
BIg Ben from Below
Guy Fox & Big Ben
Palace of Westminster
Activity Pack
Educational activities for your classroom, with extension activities and National Curriculum links.
1843 Map of London (with worksheet overleaf)
Map of London from 1843, for use in comparing Victorian London and modern London.
Guy Fox London Children's Map
Illustrated map of London, for use in comparing Victorian London and modern London.
Big Ben Postcards (with worksheets overleaf)
Three A5 picture postcards, with photocopiable worksheets on the back side.

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